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  1. I really enjoyed seeing this video of Keith! What an impact this man had on my life back in my early years as a Christian. To think that he was only a follower of Jesus for about seven years before he went to be with the Lord. His music and ministry is still impacting the world. What a blessing he was and still is!
    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks for commenting David. I too was deeply impacted by Keith Green and his ministry back in the seventies and used to eagerly await the regular arrival of the The Last Days Newsletter in the mail (no internet back then!). His music certainly packed a punch and still does. A man before his time I think. It will be great to meet him face to face one day!


      • So true! I had to smile when you said you used to eagerly await The Last Days Newsletter in the mail. That was me as well. In fact, many times the Lord would tell me when it was sitting in the mailbox and I would go and find it there, and then devour it from cover to cover… often on my knees…face…with tears…
        I am glad I connected with your blog. I need to spend some more time here! Thanks also for the “Like” on “The Cross…” meditation connected with my last post!
        Bless you, sister!


      • Well, showing our ages a little aren’t we? (LOL) But I don’t mind in the least….some things are timeless. I think the Last Days Newsletter maybe took a little while longer to get to Australia by post back then, but was eagerly anticipated I can assure you. So sad when we all heard the news of Keith’s untimely death, but the Lord knew what He was doing as always. Thankyou for following. I have posted Christ Centred Christianity in my Links list. I smell the aroma of my King at your blogsite 🙂


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