The Quest For Rest

When Jesus spoke the words “the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head” He was not referring merely to physical comforts (Matt. 8:20).  From the beginning of creation God has actively sought a resting place for Himself  among humankind. In the first chapter of Genesis we see a progressive revelation of the environment … Continue reading The Quest For Rest

Community of Grace

From the shadows they came.  From the dark and dangerous haunts of the city.  From the hidden nooks and crannies where they lingered on the fringes of society.  These were the undesirables, the basest and most shunned in the community…..going about their business with downcast eyes and furtive footsteps, quickly disappearing back into the city’s … Continue reading Community of Grace

Somewhere A Church

Heard the one about there being no perfect church? It goes like this: ‘Well, there’s no perfect church because churches are made up of imperfect people’, or words to that effect.  It’s one of those often repeated Christianese statements that have no basis in scripture but are frequently thrown around as if they do. I … Continue reading Somewhere A Church

In Search Of Authentic Authority

Leadership. For many of us the word leaves a bad taste. For some it evokes a sense of deep disappointment, emotional pain or abandonment. And for far too many it awakens traumatic memories of spiritual abuse. Jesus didn’t have a lot to say about leadership, except to warn the disciples that His idea of leadership … Continue reading In Search Of Authentic Authority

Exploring Community Part Three: Hierarchy and Leadership

Where does hierarchy fit in with authentic Christian community? What role, if any, does leadership have to play? These are questions many of us are struggling with as God continues to lead us out of ‘playing church’ into the day to day reality of Kingdom life. I offer the following two suggestions for consideration in … Continue reading Exploring Community Part Three: Hierarchy and Leadership

Exploring Community Part Two: True and False Community

We have seen how the very essence of authentic community lies within the mystery of Three in One Elohyim: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit dwelling eternally as vibrant, living, loving community among Themselves. We have seen how humanity is incapable of creating community, for it is not created, it is imparted. Apart from ongoing … Continue reading Exploring Community Part Two: True and False Community

The Search For Authentic Fellowship

Somewhere along my Christian 'experience'  I managed to pick up some rather unhealthy ideas about what life as a believer should look like.  Many of those ideas are now the subject of some painful yet necessary rethinking.  For example, I came under the impression that following Christ means you automatically get to enjoy something called … Continue reading The Search For Authentic Fellowship

Discerning the Body Part Three

  It was the apostle     Paul, under influence of the Holy Spirit, who gave us the word picture of church-life being like the life of a healthy, functioning human body.  “The church, which is His Body”, he wrote (Eph. 1:22, 23).   If he were alive today Paul would no doubt have great difficulty aligning this … Continue reading Discerning the Body Part Three

Discerning The Body, Part Two

The oneness of Christ’s Body is something we are rarely encouraged to consider.  From a safe distance we smile suspiciously at those believers who don’t practice Christianity the same way we do, or who embrace a different view on non-foundational interpretations of scripture.  Somewhere in our journey we became convinced that our little crowd, our … Continue reading Discerning The Body, Part Two

Discerning the Body

Do you long for real connection with the Body of Christ?  Are you tired of all the theories, platitudes, and empty rhetoric about the blessing of being part of His Body while you search for the tangible evidence of that presumed blessing?  Is there really a community of people on this earth that continually loves, … Continue reading Discerning the Body