Why Trouble The Woman?

Before gender equality became written into our laws, before #metoo and #churchtoo, long before the time’s up movement and the current “he said, she said” media frenzy, there was a time in human history when man and woman lived together on this planet in perfect harmonious co-existence. When God introduced the first woman (Hebrew “Íshshah”) … Continue reading Why Trouble The Woman?

Women And Priesthood

Some of you may be aware that for the last two and a half years I, along with three other women bloggers, have been involved in a joint project-blog called Ishshah's Story.  Ishshah's Story has recently been retired due to our various commitments elsewhere, but I want to share the last article I posted there … Continue reading Women And Priesthood

The Woman Who Touched God

There came a day when a woman, ritually unclean, dared to approach Jesus, and with trembling hand, reached out and touched His rabbi’s garment¹. Defying all convention, disobeying the Law, risking sudden and violent death, she carried within those tremoring fingers years of hope unrealised, nights of anguished tears, and one last act of final … Continue reading The Woman Who Touched God

The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

We spoke little as we hurried through the streets of Jerusalem. Slivers of warm sunlight were already piercing the dying darkness as the long night fled away. I pulled my cloak tightly around my face as if to protect myself against the harsh realities coming daylight would bring. Between us we carried the oil and … Continue reading The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

Headship, Heirarchy and All That Stuff

Last week fellow Christian blogger Teague McKamey posted an article called Get Your Head on Straight.  As a frequent reader of his posts, I challenged some of the views he expressed in it.  The unexpected (for me) result was that Teague invited me to put together a guest post sharing my own views on the same … Continue reading Headship, Heirarchy and All That Stuff

Rocking the Boat

There are two ways to view scripture.  Either it’s the word of God to humankind infused with the living Spirit of God whose fruit is always abundant life, or it's the dead letter of religious law-keeping, the fruit of which is always condemnation and spiritual death.  The first view is rooted in the sure knowledge … Continue reading Rocking the Boat

The Lady at Number 31

When did I first notice her? I don’t really recall. I’m sure there was an initial meeting, but thinking back she seemed to be always hanging around in the background even before I became aware of her. As time went on she would suddenly turn up, intrusively, when I was least expecting her..... during coffee … Continue reading The Lady at Number 31