From the Archives: The Gift

For the third time, the ageing Pharisee circled the strangely shaped object lying at his feet.  No one could tell him who had left it unsolicited outside his door, or even when it had appeared.  Wrapped in the skin of a lamb and crudely labelled with just one handwritten Hebrew word, “chen”, its appearance was … Continue reading From the Archives: The Gift

Feasting on the Tree of Life

Bread for the Bride will be inactive for a couple of weeks while I take a short break away from home, but here is one from the archives I hope will bless you in the meantime! Like an apple tree among the trees of the woods, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down in his shade with … Continue reading Feasting on the Tree of Life

Sinnerwoman and The Bride, Reblogged from May 2012

The Bride of Christ can be likened to a woman, a known sinner, arriving unexpectedly at a banquet held by a respected religious leader.  Entering unannounced, her eyes quickly scan the room for one face,  the face of Jesus Christ.  At first few notice her uninvited intrusion, caught up as they are in conversation and … Continue reading Sinnerwoman and The Bride, Reblogged from May 2012

The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

We spoke little as we hurried through the streets of Jerusalem. Slivers of warm sunlight were already piercing the dying darkness as the long night fled away. I pulled my cloak tightly around my face as if to protect myself against the harsh realities coming daylight would bring. Between us we carried the oil and … Continue reading The First Day of the Rest of Our Lives

Has Been’s, Wanna Be’s and Bethany

Nazareth, the Place God Left The atmosphere was electric with expectation the day Jesus returned to His home town.  The whole surrounding region was alive with talk of His extraordinary powers and now He was back, in their own synagogue.  Every eye followed closely as He took up the scroll to read from Isaiah.  Every … Continue reading Has Been’s, Wanna Be’s and Bethany

The Lady at Number 31

When did I first notice her? I don’t really recall. I’m sure there was an initial meeting, but thinking back she seemed to be always hanging around in the background even before I became aware of her. As time went on she would suddenly turn up, intrusively, when I was least expecting her..... during coffee … Continue reading The Lady at Number 31