The Longsuffering of the Lamb

Some years ago I had a powerful dream in which, wearied after a long climb, I arrived at a hilltop house. Entering through the front door I found, to my amazement, Jesus was waiting for me inside. On seeing one another we started running toward the other until we met in a spontaneous embrace, somewhat … Continue reading The Longsuffering of the Lamb

The Bride: Her Betrothal (Called)

1)The Bridal Covenant: An Overview 2)The Bride: Her Betrothal (Called) 3)The Bride: Her Election (Chosen) 4)The Bride: The Lamb’s Wife (Faithful) Part Two of Four Betrothal is an old fashioned idea not spoken about much these days. Biblically, however, betrothal between a man and a woman was considered a binding contract, or a covenant.  In … Continue reading The Bride: Her Betrothal (Called)