The Embrace of God

The Bride now emerging from the wilderness is learning one thing above all others:  what it means to lean on the Bridegroom.  To “lean on” means to shift our weight entirely to something else, wholly trusting that specific ‘something else’ to hold or carry us safely and securely.  We do this every time we sit … Continue reading The Embrace of God

The Bride: Her Betrothal (Called)

1)The Bridal Covenant: An Overview 2)The Bride: Her Betrothal (Called) 3)The Bride: Her Election (Chosen) 4)The Bride: The Lamb’s Wife (Faithful) Part Two of Four Betrothal is an old fashioned idea not spoken about much these days. Biblically, however, betrothal between a man and a woman was considered a binding contract, or a covenant.  In … Continue reading The Bride: Her Betrothal (Called)

The Bridal Covenant, An Overview

1)The Bridal Covenant: An Overview, Part One of Four  2)The Bride: Her Betrothal (Called)  3)The Bride: Her Election (Chosen)  4)The Bride: The Lamb’s Wife (Faithful)  In Matthew 22:1-14 Jesus told the parable of a wedding feast thrown by a king for his son.  Usually this parable is taught in the context of the saved and unsaved, … Continue reading The Bridal Covenant, An Overview

Sinnerwoman and the Bride

The Bride of Christ can be likened to a woman, a known sinner, arriving unexpectedly at a banquet held by a respected religious leader.  Entering unannounced, her eyes quickly scan the room for one face,  the face of Jesus Christ.  At first few notice her uninvited intrusion, caught up as they are in conversation and … Continue reading Sinnerwoman and the Bride

Fellowship of Sufferings

(Tribute to the Persecuted Bride)   She bleeds you know, And weeps In darkened prison cells She sits out the allotted hours Of mens’ hatred She runs, Fearing the knock on the door The torching of the house The cries of the children     She hides, Homeless Through long lonely nights When doubt nibbles … Continue reading Fellowship of Sufferings

Looking for a City

Did you ever catch a fleeting glimpse of something that left you longing to see more?  The Bride of Christ is like that.....elusive, yet once caught sight of, unforgettable.  The scriptures seem to say little about her, at least at surface level.   Yet she is there, hidden in their pages from Genesis to Revelation, to … Continue reading Looking for a City

Welcome to Bread for the Bride

Hello and Welcome! Do you consider yourself part of Christ’s Bride? If so, these pages are for you. The writings and teachings shared here are for the purpose of encouraging, nourishing and building up the mysterious and faithful Bride of Christ. May you be uplifted and edified by them and most of all may you … Continue reading Welcome to Bread for the Bride