Bride-Atude Two: The Passionate Mourners

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. God is irrepressibly drawn to brokeness in the human heart.  Jesus was acquainted with grief, meaning He knew sorrow by experience (Is.53:3).  One of the most beautiful phrases in the New Testament is “Jesus wept”.  When Jesus wept at Bethany it wasn’t because his friend Lazarus … Continue reading Bride-Atude Two: The Passionate Mourners

Fellowship of Sufferings

(Tribute to the Persecuted Bride)   She bleeds you know, And weeps In darkened prison cells She sits out the allotted hours Of mens’ hatred She runs, Fearing the knock on the door The torching of the house The cries of the children     She hides, Homeless Through long lonely nights When doubt nibbles … Continue reading Fellowship of Sufferings

Prayer of the Broken Vessel

Oh God, I thought I knew brokenness. I thought that there was nothing left to surrender, nothing more between You and me. You have taken every avenue of security from me, bringing me gently but persistently to the place of the Cross time and time over. All my plans, all my hopes, all my basic … Continue reading Prayer of the Broken Vessel