The Perfection Of Weakness

    There’s a misconception, a lie if you like, that is pervasive within modern Christian church culture.  At one time I was fully immersed in it; maybe you have been also.  It goes along these lines:  ‘’As Christians we are called to be strong, authoritative personalities who know what we’re about, face every challenge … Continue reading The Perfection Of Weakness

An Un-Christmas Carol

  The night was not so silent: In the bustling streets Crowds pushed and poked With shoving elbows and trampling feet Men cursed Dust choked Indifferent to a woman heavy with child In desperate need of a place to sleep   The little town was not so still: It’s streets and houses overflowing With one … Continue reading An Un-Christmas Carol

So It’s Really Not About Me? Really??

Our Father has one holy, consuming passion, a passion that we find difficult to perceive.   It is the revealing of His Son. It pleases God immensely to reveal His Son. From the beginning, the ongoing revelation of His Son has been, and continues to be, God’s chief delight and primary objective (John 5:39). It fills … Continue reading So It’s Really Not About Me? Really??

The Hunger for Righteousness

It is written that Jesus Christ was acquainted with grief.  The grief He became acquainted with comes to every one of His followers who hunger and thirst after righteousness.  At the time He walked in this fallen world He was the most righteous human being on the face of the earth.  As we, His Bridal … Continue reading The Hunger for Righteousness

The Promise

The breeze toyed playfully with His hair Tugging wistfully at His robe At the tread of His sandals The earth sighed with inexpressible hope Sunlight wrapped joyfully around His frame And danced with delight on His face Waves stumbled softly one over another In gleeful contest to caress His feet Wind and storm bowed willingly … Continue reading The Promise

Has Been’s, Wanna Be’s and Bethany

Nazareth, the Place God Left The atmosphere was electric with expectation the day Jesus returned to His home town.  The whole surrounding region was alive with talk of His extraordinary powers and now He was back, in their own synagogue.  Every eye followed closely as He took up the scroll to read from Isaiah.  Every … Continue reading Has Been’s, Wanna Be’s and Bethany

Mixing Sacred and Profane

It must have been quite a scene:  men running in all directions, frightened sheep bleating, wild-eyed oxen stampeding through the crowds, money scattered on the ground and tables upended.  In the middle of it all stood an angry Man wielding a self-made whip, at the same time yelling something about His Father’s house.  There was … Continue reading Mixing Sacred and Profane

Sinnerwoman and the Bride

The Bride of Christ can be likened to a woman, a known sinner, arriving unexpectedly at a banquet held by a respected religious leader.  Entering unannounced, her eyes quickly scan the room for one face,  the face of Jesus Christ.  At first few notice her uninvited intrusion, caught up as they are in conversation and … Continue reading Sinnerwoman and the Bride

Looking for a City

Did you ever catch a fleeting glimpse of something that left you longing to see more?  The Bride of Christ is like that.....elusive, yet once caught sight of, unforgettable.  The scriptures seem to say little about her, at least at surface level.   Yet she is there, hidden in their pages from Genesis to Revelation, to … Continue reading Looking for a City