The Search For Authentic Fellowship

Somewhere along my Christian 'experience'  I managed to pick up some rather unhealthy ideas about what life as a believer should look like.  Many of those ideas are now the subject of some painful yet necessary rethinking.  For example, I came under the impression that following Christ means you automatically get to enjoy something called … Continue reading The Search For Authentic Fellowship

Discerning The Body, Part Two

The oneness of Christ’s Body is something we are rarely encouraged to consider.  From a safe distance we smile suspiciously at those believers who don’t practice Christianity the same way we do, or who embrace a different view on non-foundational interpretations of scripture.  Somewhere in our journey we became convinced that our little crowd, our … Continue reading Discerning The Body, Part Two

The Bride: Her Betrothal (Called)

1)The Bridal Covenant: An Overview 2)The Bride: Her Betrothal (Called) 3)The Bride: Her Election (Chosen) 4)The Bride: The Lamb’s Wife (Faithful) Part Two of Four Betrothal is an old fashioned idea not spoken about much these days. Biblically, however, betrothal between a man and a woman was considered a binding contract, or a covenant.  In … Continue reading The Bride: Her Betrothal (Called)