Dear friends of Bread for the Bride: I am currently away taking a short break. Thankyou for your continued support for the Bread for the Bride blogsite since I started it in April 2012.  And if you are a new subscriber, welcome!  There are 193 articles and poetry for you to explore while I am away and … Continue reading ALTAR, TEMPLE, KINGDOM Part Three

From The Archives: Where Do You Live?

Ladies, gentlemen, young people, please fasten your seat belts as we make our final ascent to our destination. As you disembark please take a few moments for your eyesight to adjust to the brightness, which is due to the total lack of darkness in your new host country. To assist you in settling comfortably into … Continue reading From The Archives: Where Do You Live?

The Bride-Atudes

She is black, white, brown, caramel, albino and every shade in between.  She speaks Swahili, Tamil, English, Italian, Hebrew, Pidgin, Mandarin and a countless number of other languages, past and present.  Her eyes are brown, green, blue, black, hazel and any colour that eyes can be.  She lives anywhere from shanty towns to royal palaces, … Continue reading The Bride-Atudes