From The Archives: Coming to Moriah

When Abraham laid his son Isaac on a sacrificial altar no witness was present but God. The Bible is silent on whether Abraham wept as he bound the boy to the firewood. The scriptures do not tell us whether he averted his eyes from Isaac’s frightened gaze. If we have ever loved someone dearly, however, … Continue reading From The Archives: Coming to Moriah

The Bride: Her Election (Chosen)

Part One: Bridal Covenant Overview Part Two: The Bride, Her Betrothal, Called Part Three: The Bride, Her Election, Chosen Part Four: The Bride, The Lamb's Wife, Faithful Part Three of Four There are several Old Testament personalities that foreshadow the Bride of Christ.  Some examples are Eve, Esther, Ruth, and Abigail and much can be … Continue reading The Bride: Her Election (Chosen)