THE LAMB Part Three

  If we are Christ-followers, we live our earthly lives contending with a world system that violently opposes the authority of the King and Kingdom we serve (Jn. 15:19). In this world, authority is synonymous with ‘’greatness’’. Nations demonstrate their greatness through displays of military and economic might. Leaders boast openly about their nation’s greatness … Continue reading THE LAMB Part Three


Image supplied by The year is AD96 or thereabouts.  The location is Patmos, a remote island-prison outpost of the mighty Roman Empire.  The ageing Christian apostle John has been exiled and imprisoned on the island because of, in his words, “the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.” In worship John hears … Continue reading THE LAMB Part One

Not for the Fainthearted

“What do you seek?”  It was a loaded question and one that would dramatically change their lives….forever.  Unnerved at the abruptness of the question and the penetrating stare of the Teacher, the two men did not at first know how to respond.  One of them blurted out brashly “Teacher, where do you dwell?”  “Come and … Continue reading Not for the Fainthearted

The Bride: The Lamb’s Wife (Faithful)

Part One: Bridal Covenant Part Two: The Bride, Her Betrothal, Called Part Three: The Bride, Her Election, Chosen Part Four: The Bride, The Lamb’s Wife, Faithful  Part Four of Four Part two of this series focused on the first stage of the Bride’s Betrothal.  We saw that in traditional Jewish culture, after the betrothal ceremony, … Continue reading The Bride: The Lamb’s Wife (Faithful)

Prayer of the Broken Vessel

Oh God, I thought I knew brokenness. I thought that there was nothing left to surrender, nothing more between You and me. You have taken every avenue of security from me, bringing me gently but persistently to the place of the Cross time and time over. All my plans, all my hopes, all my basic … Continue reading Prayer of the Broken Vessel