Shedding the Older Brother

For the law was given through Moses....... The ageing prophet trembled as he slowly ascended the smoking mountain. He had come to love and trust the God who had first revealed Himself in the burning bush. He had also come to know Him well enough never to take their friendship for granted. He had seen … Continue reading Shedding the Older Brother

Bride-Atude Three: The Mighty Meek

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. “God helps those who help themselves”  the world screams at us. Success belongs to the aggressive and the assertive.  Admiration is for those who go after what they want at any cost.    Not surprisingly, success in the Kingdom looks somewhat different. The King of Kings … Continue reading Bride-Atude Three: The Mighty Meek

Looking for a City

Did you ever catch a fleeting glimpse of something that left you longing to see more?  The Bride of Christ is like that.....elusive, yet once caught sight of, unforgettable.  The scriptures seem to say little about her, at least at surface level.   Yet she is there, hidden in their pages from Genesis to Revelation, to … Continue reading Looking for a City