The Zealousness of God

The zealousness of God has had a bad rap over recent years.  Apparently it’s no longer cool for God to be portrayed as either enthusiastic or strong-willed.  The modern preference is for a tame, accommodating sort of God who just wants to get along with everyone and knows His place, which is clearly not meddling … Continue reading The Zealousness of God

Not for the Fainthearted

“What do you seek?”  It was a loaded question and one that would dramatically change their lives….forever.  Unnerved at the abruptness of the question and the penetrating stare of the Teacher, the two men did not at first know how to respond.  One of them blurted out brashly “Teacher, where do you dwell?”  “Come and … Continue reading Not for the Fainthearted

Bride-Atude Two: The Passionate Mourners

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. God is irrepressibly drawn to brokeness in the human heart.  Jesus was acquainted with grief, meaning He knew sorrow by experience (Is.53:3).  One of the most beautiful phrases in the New Testament is “Jesus wept”.  When Jesus wept at Bethany it wasn’t because his friend Lazarus … Continue reading Bride-Atude Two: The Passionate Mourners