The Woman Who Touched God

There came a day when a woman, ritually unclean, dared to approach Jesus, and with trembling hand, reached out and touched His rabbi’s garment¹. Defying all convention, disobeying the Law, risking sudden and violent death, she carried within those tremoring fingers years of hope unrealised, nights of anguished tears, and one last act of final … Continue reading The Woman Who Touched God

Twisted Truth and Lethal Lies Pt. 3: “I’ll Cover You”

“I’ll Cover Smother You!” Some of you may remember the old western TV shows of the fifties and sixties.   “I’ll cover you” was a frequently heard phrase in those shows.  It usually meant one cowboy would make a run for it while his/her partner engaged the bad guys with a few well aimed pot shots.  … Continue reading Twisted Truth and Lethal Lies Pt. 3: “I’ll Cover You”

Rocking the Boat

There are two ways to view scripture.  Either it’s the word of God to humankind infused with the living Spirit of God whose fruit is always abundant life, or it's the dead letter of religious law-keeping, the fruit of which is always condemnation and spiritual death.  The first view is rooted in the sure knowledge … Continue reading Rocking the Boat