The Harlot – Beauty Arise – Lyrics – Misty Edwards

I am not usually one for reblogging, but this You Tube video posted by
Ben Nelson today is an exception. Please take a little time to read the lyrics and then watch the video. Worthy is the Lamb!

Another Red Letter Day

What follows here is one of the most moving works of art I have ever heard. At the bottom of the post is a link to the Youtube of this song, but i wanted to post the song lyrics here for those who “hear” better in written form. Misty Edwards is one of the most anointed ministers of worship of our day. Here you will find the gospel beautifully depicted in an encounter with Jesus. Please make time to read or listen this week as we move toward the Crucifixion and Resurrection celebrations this week.

The Harlot – Beauty Arise

I am broken
I am wounded
I am wretched and ashamed
and a harlot is like a chain around my neck
it’s my name

She sings the song of humanity the song of you the song of me

They drag her through the city square
dragging her by her hair

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