Last Words

finished red square isolated paper sign on whiteFinished? Finished did you say?

No, I didn’t say. He said. He said ‘it is finished’.

When was that again?

Right after they gave Him the sour wine. It was the last thing He said from the Cross.

And your point is?

That it’s finished.

What’s finished?

The work He came here to do. Redemption.

Well yes, of course I understand that. But we still have work to do.

Like what?

Well, prayer for instance. The Bible says pray without ceasing.

So what’s that got to do with what He said?

Well, I have to pray, it’s expected. It’s part of being a Christian.

So what’s that got to do with what He said?

Well I wouldn’t be much of a Christian if I didn’t pray, would I?

I don’t know. Isn’t that between you and God?

And then there’s going to church, and acts of charity, and obeying the ten commandments.

That’s four.

Four what?

Four more things after ‘it is finished’.

What are you talking about now?

Well, how can it be finished if there’s more?

And reading our Bibles, that’s essential.

That’s five.

Don’t you understand there are certain things we must do if we believe?

Believe what?

Well, believe in Christ of course!

You mean believe that He is the sinless Son of God and that He died in our place, and rose again on the third day?

Yes, now we’re on the same page.

And that His word is truth?

Yes, absolutely!

Then it’s finished.

Finished? Finished you say?

No, I didn’t say. He said.

Yes, yes, I understand all that. His work is finished, but ours isn’t.

Our what?

Our works.


Praying, going to church, reading the Bible, obeying the commandments, works of charity. Just like I said.

So when do they finish?

When we die I guess.

I thought we already died.

Already died did you say?

No, I didn’t say. The Bible says. I am crucified with Christ.

Well, yes of course it does, but now you’re just being deliberately contentious. You know what I mean!

But do you know what I mean?

Are we finished!?!

Yes. Without a doubt.

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