The Marks of Jesus

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A friend recently shared with me this quote from the sermons of Theodore Austin Sparks:

“Beloved, you and I will never come through to God’s eternally intended place for us in the heavenly Kingdom until everything of this earthly life has been smitten, has been smashed. We have got to be broken men and women on the side of this nature; we have got to know the meaning of the cross as planted right at the centre of this whole life of nature, to bring it to naught, so that we can do no more of ourselves, we cannot speak as out from ourselves, we cannot work as out from ourselves, we can do no more organising as of ourselves, we can run nothing as of ourselves, we are brought to the place where we know nothing as of ourselves — and we know it; and if there is to be anything, and if there is anything at all, it is the Lord only doing it — doing it at the time, and then usually leaving us empty and spent and helpless, until He comes along again. It is so different from this continuous, everlasting go, go, go of the flesh. “

There was a time, it seems like another life now, when I was the most organized person I knew. There was a time when I could manage, delegate, arrange and categorize people and things so that everything lined up in the kind of orderly fashion I needed. There was a time when I could speak knowledgeably on some subjects, and people nodded their heads and listened. There was a time when I, and others I thought knew about such things, considered all this as evidence of spiritual growth.

But the Cross!

If we are to go on any distance with Jesus, if we are sincere in our often voiced claims to ‘follow the Lamb wherever He goes’, the Cross is going to take a toll on us. It cannot be any other way. The Cross redeems, the Cross heals, the Cross deals with our sinful natures, the Cross reconciles us to God: all of these, yes.

But the Cross also separates.

When the Cross is applied to our lives to the measure that Austin-Sparks is referring to here, it will first separate us from the world. But the separation does not finish there.

Next it will separate us from ourselves – that is, our former selves. It will reveal to us the stark futility of everything we do or say that does not flow from ever increasing dependence on the Life of Christ within us. It will bring us to a place where our natural talents, knowledge and even our spiritual giftings become hindrances to us. We will find ourselves dysfunctional apart from that Life that is filling and flowing through us. We are being conveyed by the Spirit of God to a realm where “we can do no more of ourselves, we cannot speak as out from ourselves, we cannot work as out from ourselves, we can do no more organising as of ourselves, we can run nothing as of ourselves, we are brought to the place where we know nothing as of ourselves — and we know it.”

And as the process continues we will find ourselves separated even from those we love – family, friends, colleagues. The Cross will separate us from everything and everyone who is not absolutely intent on the same journey into the depths of Christ as we are.

I’m not speaking here of a separation that looks down on, disdains or fears others. That would not be of Christ. No, I am speaking of a separation that sets us apart in such a way that we no longer find satisfaction in the former conversations, activities, and friendships that we once considered were vital to life. It does not mean we don’t love others; in fact we love them better because we are learning to love through Christ rather than through our own motivation and need.

But still we are separated, set apart. We are tasting glorious and heavenly things, we are partaking of Christ Himself, and the former things no longer have the power to hold our attention or engage us as they did.

I wonder are you finding this to be true also? It is often a solitary life, this Christ journey. Yes, we belong to a corporate entity called ‘the church’, historically and practically, and we have genuine reasons to be with one another, sharing gifts, worship, fellowship and expressing Christ as His Body.

But the Cross!

Even among those who profess to follow Christ, we will be separated in ways we didn’t anticipate. That same Cross that brings together people from all tribes and tongues also leads them onto individual pathways that they may walk a journey with Christ only He and they alone can walk together. If we are to walk without hindrance with our fellow Christ followers, we must first walk with Jesus and His Cross in the ‘aloneness’ of His crucifixion journey. There the old life must, as Sparks puts it, be ‘smitten’ or ‘smashed’ completely. Without this process, we have done nothing more than join a club.

Authentic Christian fellowship is found only among those who are also experiencing crucifixion with Christ.

Nearing the end of his letter to the Christians at Galatia, Paul stated: From now on let no one trouble me, for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.’ Were these marks, as some claim, literal stigmata – piercings in his hands and feet? Personally, I don’t believe so.

I believe Paul was referring metaphorically to a common practice of his time: slaves and soldiers were often ‘branded’ or ‘marked’ somewhere on their body with the name of their master or their military general. Some voluntarily chose this manner of ‘marking’ as a sign of loyalty. These days we may call such a mark a ‘tattoo’.

Paul understood, taught and daily lived the significance of the Cross. Jesus had called him a chosen vessel of Mine to bear My name before Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel’ (Acts 9:15). In his journey with Christ Paul was shown many Heavenly mysteries, but He also had the Cross applied to His life in significant measure: ‘For I will show him how many things he must suffer for My name’s sake’ (Acts 9:16). He experienced being separated because of the Cross, even from other respected apostles of his time.  Paul did literally bear the Name of Jesus in His earthly body as had been foretold.

But the Cross!

If we are truly going to be followers of Christ in this world that hates Him, we will have to be willing to carry the marks, or signature of the Lord Jesus, in our own bodies. Those invisible marks set us apart in heaven and on earth. They separate us from what has gone before in our lives on every level; they continually pull us deeper into Christ and further from all that is not Christ.

To bear the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ is no light thing. It is costly and the cost needs to be counted prior to the journey. If we are truly going to go ‘wherever He goes’, even beyond the clamoring crowds of popular Christianity, we will need to be willing to bear the sense of spiritual separation the Cross will impose on us.

The Crucified One has invited us into the fellowship of the crucified.

And yes my friends, the gate is narrow.

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12 thoughts on “The Marks of Jesus

  1. Hi Cheryl!!!
    i found your wonderful ministry last night and read my first article…The Marks of Jesus!!!
    just wonderful and soooooo true!!! am rereading “Driven By Eternity” by John Bevere…
    (a must read for all Christ Followers) 🙂
    and he emphasizes the same…THE CROSS…nothing seems to be said concerning repentance from disobedient lives, (just say the sinner’s prayer) denying our own desires in order to embrace the will of God…we confess Jesus as Lord but there’s been no heart change…thus many will hear, Depart from Me, I never knew you!” 😦
    soooooo glad i found your ministry…will share with many!!!
    Blessings to you and yours in 2017…it’s gonna be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All For Jesus,
    melbourne, fl
    Always For His Glory Ministry


    • Hello Trisha, Glad we have connected. I am not familiar with the book you mention, but it’s rare to hear anyone at all preaching/teaching about the Cross these days. Thanks for taking the time to write and encourage, and I hope you continue to be richly fed at Bread for the Bride.


  2. Hi Sis Cheryl,
    My bride, soul mate, best friend and love of my life for 30 years went home to be with our Lord 17 months ago. Since that time, I have walked the way of tremendous heartache , introspection and emotional war. I have been in Elijah’s cave crying out to Abba the only words I could summon “help me God!”. I am emotionally exhausted and to say my hope and faith have been challenged is an understatement. I feel hollow and incomplete. And yet, in and through the Holy Spirit, I am learning to weild the Sword, to once again reach for the promises . This winter season journey has been one where most all of my ” Christian” reasoning and intellect have been exposed as what they truly are and have been, religious gymnastics. Abba has and continues to refine me as silver …. I truly hate how this all feels, and yet I choose to believe He sees me ( El Roi), is holding me and is carrying me through this suffering. I have found myself in a place I simply do not understand or know and yet the Holy Spirit impressed upon the words in Joshua 3 when they were about to cross over into the Promise Land, “However, there shall be a distance between you and it of about 2,000 cubits (3,000 ft.) by measurement. Do not come near it, so that you may [be able to see the ark and] know the way you are to go, for you have not passed this way before.” I have never passed this way before, but Father not only knows the way, He made the way. He may even seem distant to me, but regardless of how I feel, I am learning to trust and stand behind the shield of Faith. I have found this journey to be replete with lonliness and what seems to be self imposed isolation to some degree. I typcially have been a very outgoing “A” personality, and yet now, I no longer even know who I am. Your words within “The Marks of Jesus” is exactly what I needed to hear …. they gave me tremendous clarity and comfort …. I did not know what was happening to me … why I was feeling separated and alone … your words gave me understanding. Thank you for your obedience and transparency and being of vessle of the Holy Spirit to the exclusive glory, honor and praise of Yeshua and Father. Continued shalom, favor and love upon you sister. Your brother in Christ Vince

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    • Hello Vince, I was so deeply touched by what you have shared. First, let me say how sorry I am for the pain you have experienced and continue to walk through due to the loss of your beloved. Though others can empathise, only you and God know the depths of that particular suffering. The loss of a partner is a very personal type of pain. I am sure you have heard all the usual things people say to try and comfort through such an experience and I have no intention of repeating platitudes here. The fact that you end your note giving glory honor and praise to Yeshua and Father speaks volumes about the very deep work He has been accomplishing within you while you have walked through this, not understanding, not wanting it, but still clinging to Him with all you have left. That is so precious to Him in a way we cannot yet understand. Thankyou for myself and on behalf of many other Christ followers for sharing what you have shared here, for being a voice in the wilderness, even as you walk through your own dark night of the soul. The testimony being forged in you is priceless beyond words, it is Life, it is Truth, it is the spirit of prophecy and the testimony of who Christ is. My prayer is that the road will become easier and the journey less anguished as you continue to walk with Jesus.

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  3. very insightful, Cheryl, I concur. I have often felt that ‘lone-ness’ and yet I know He never leaves us or forsakes us. but we are human too and I think we naturally want other human contact (or for me sometimes, approval) and to be understood. But as you say, apart The Cross, all else really doesn’t matter. are you having a coffee meeting before Christmas? kind regards Lynette


    • Hi Lynette, yes that need for ‘people approval’ is a big one, isn’t it? None of us are immune from it but as we continue the journey with Jesus we are more and more walking into the freedom He desires for us. Thank you for taking time to comment. Will email you.


  4. WOW.! How true this is. Many people don’t realise how painful and lonely this walk is.all to gain freedom of the salvation Jesus Christ gave win the race that God set out for a HUGE sacrifice.i hope and pray I can finish this race.for Christ alone.


  5. I read and re-read the above. Moved to tears. ‘The aloneness of the crucifixion journey…’ My wife and I have been through something the last while, and yes, sometimes even family can misunderstand and misrepresent one’s stance on certain issues. Bless you for blessing us! May many others be helped.


  6. Thanks Cherly for a sobering yet factual post. The gate is indeed narrow and few are they that find it. Following Christ and bearing His marks is a costly affair and from my experience the most unfortunate thing is that most of the prevailing teachings in churches have a very watered down concept of salvation. Grace and more grace is emphasised without going deeper into the cost of being a disciple. It is trully a lonesome walk when you choose to pay the cost, but it is well worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thankyou for your wise and truthful words here Lydia. We can only encourage each other along the way, though not in physical proximity. I agree the journey is worth it, despite the difficulties, and one day we shall rejoice together.


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