Moving House

During the month of April Bread for the Bride blogsite is celebrating our first birthday with some reblogged articles from 2012.  Reblog from Bread for the Bride, July 2012 ======================================================== Ladies, gentlemen, young people, please fasten your seat belts as… Read More ›

Challenging Behaviours

As the mother of a son with Asperger’s Syndrome I’ve had years of opportunity to observe challenging behaviours.  Our youngest son, ‘P’ (now 27) has been a constant source of baffling behaviours threatening our family’s accepted ‘norms’ for the last… Read More ›

The Promise

The breeze toyed playfully with His hair Tugging wistfully at His robe At the tread of His sandals The earth sighed with inexpressible hope Sunlight wrapped joyfully around His frame And danced with delight on His face Waves stumbled softly… Read More ›

Destination Christ

The Bride’s journey is not a journey TO somewhere.  It’s a journey INTO Someone.  Her goal is communion with the Father, by means of the Spirit,  through oneness with Christ the Bridegroom.  Her destination is nothing less than Christ’s fullness… Read More ›