From the Archives: The Gift

For the third time, the ageing Pharisee circled the strangely shaped object lying at his feet.  No one could tell him who had left it unsolicited outside his door, or even when it had appeared.  Wrapped in the skin of a lamb and crudely labelled with just one handwritten Hebrew word, “chen”, its appearance was … Continue reading From the Archives: The Gift

Twisted Truth and Lethal Lies

The Myth of Lawkeeping The Lie:  “Jesus said He came to fulfil the law, therefore by His example, I must also make the Ten Commandments my standard for living a Christian life.” The Truth:  “But now we have been delivered from the law, having died to what we were held by, so that we should … Continue reading Twisted Truth and Lethal Lies

Watch This Space

  “Foolishness” mumbled the soldier Casting lots for the rabbi’s garment “An utter waste of a good man’s life”      “Serves him right” spat the Pharisee Nodding to himself self righteously Stroking his beard with smug delight     “It cannot be!” uttered the disciple Tears streaming from bloodshot eyes “It wasn’t meant to … Continue reading Watch This Space

Sinnerwoman and the Bride

The Bride of Christ can be likened to a woman, a known sinner, arriving unexpectedly at a banquet held by a respected religious leader.  Entering unannounced, her eyes quickly scan the room for one face,  the face of Jesus Christ.  At first few notice her uninvited intrusion, caught up as they are in conversation and … Continue reading Sinnerwoman and the Bride