Watch This Space


“Foolishness” mumbled the soldier

Casting lots for the rabbi’s garment

“An utter waste of a good man’s life” 



“Serves him right” spat the Pharisee

Nodding to himself self righteously

Stroking his beard with smug delight



“It cannot be!” uttered the disciple

Tears streaming from bloodshot eyes

“It wasn’t meant to end this way!”



“Unbearable!” sobbed the women

Holding tight to one another

“We never thought we’d see this day”



“How will I bear it?” wept the mother

Recalling a long ago prophecy

“A sword will also pierce your heart”



“Remember me!” gasped the dying thief

“Though I don’t deserve mercy,

I know You are Who You say You are!”



“Have we won?” speculated the demons

Confused and unsettled

At the apparent ease of victory



“Holy!” whispered creation

Silently waiting and watching

Bowing before bleeding divinity



“Mystery!” shouted the angels

Trembling at the impossible scene

Unfolding before their puzzled eyes



“It is FINISHED!” cried the crucified One

Offering His sinless humanity

Once, for all, the perfect sacrifice



Nooooo!” screamed Death

Power already slipping from his grip

With horrible realisation



“OH YES!” the Father thundered

Echoing through earth and Heaven

Violently shaking hell’s foundations



“Now for Act Two”

Heralded the Spirit

Dancing deftly through time unfazed,

Alighting triumphantly on a garden tomb

Formidable, unstoppable,


©Cheryl McGrath, Bread for the Bride, 2012 

Categories: Poetry, The Cross

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3 replies

  1. Cheryl, this is wonderful! You captured it! Thank you. May the day hold blessings of His Presence, chasing you through fields of Mercy.


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