The Testimony of Jesus and the Spirit of Prophecy

  Then he said to me, “Write, ‘Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb’”.  And he said to me, “These are true words of God.”  Then I fell at his feet to worship him.  But he said to me, “Do not do that; I am a fellow servant of … Continue reading The Testimony of Jesus and the Spirit of Prophecy

To Whom Shall We Go?

Into every life there comes at least one crucial watershed moment.  Moments where the soul is sifted and the true motivations of our hearts are revealed.  Moments when events align around us that will require hard choices and ultimately determine our destiny.  It is my belief the slowing down currently caused by the world-wide coronavirus … Continue reading To Whom Shall We Go?

Australia: A Nation Bleeding

  If you have been following Bread for the Bride posts for a little while you will know that usually my posts try to focus on Christ-centred teaching and sharing aspects of biblical truth to encourage and equip the Bride of Christ in the wilderness. This post is different. I have not shared a prophetic … Continue reading Australia: A Nation Bleeding

A Kingdom Bursting Forth and an Incomplete Gospel

Their jaws set purposefully, the two men pushed roughly through the crowd. Their teacher was imprisoned, in peril of his life, and they had been sent on an urgent mission.  They had a message to deliver and an answer to obtain, and they would not be delayed.  “Are You the One we’ve been expecting, or … Continue reading A Kingdom Bursting Forth and an Incomplete Gospel

Grieving In Zion

I can say no more about the poem below than this:  there will be those who will treat it like a snack on the run and quickly move on to something more satisfying.  Hopefully, there will also be those to whom it will be more like an anticipated expensive meal, to be tasted, carefully considered and allowed to be digested in full.  By reading … Continue reading Grieving In Zion

The Question

This is not the post I planned to share today.  Today many of us are grappling with deep sadness and questions no one can answer. This weekend we were brought once again to the shattering reality that humanity is in deep, agonising trouble. While politicians promise dramatic responses, musicians comfort us with gentle tunes, and … Continue reading The Question

Featured Poem for July: Creation

Creation   Creation is groaning Laden with weariness Like a prisoner confined to shadows Aching with indefinable loss Haunted by elusive memories Of a distant day of brightness When nothing hungered And Adam’s touch Was free of fear   Creation is listening Straining to hear again The laughter of innocence Echoing like a melodic song … Continue reading Featured Poem for July: Creation

The Longsuffering of the Lamb

Some years ago I had a powerful dream in which, wearied after a long climb, I arrived at a hilltop house. Entering through the front door I found, to my amazement, Jesus was waiting for me inside. On seeing one another we started running toward the other until we met in a spontaneous embrace, somewhat … Continue reading The Longsuffering of the Lamb

Featured Poem for February: All The Way Home

Bread for the Bride will take a short break for a couple of weeks while I am away teaching in Asia.  In the meantime here is the  featured work of poetry for this new month of February.  This is a new poem called All the Way Home, previously unpublished.  I hope it blesses you immensely. =============================== … Continue reading Featured Poem for February: All The Way Home

To The Church In Kenya

This message has just been sent in an email to Christian friends in Kenya.  I feel the Lord wants it shared here also.  If you do not believe that the Holy Spirit gives prophetic messages in these times, or you are not interested in current events in Africa, you will save yourself some time by … Continue reading To The Church In Kenya

We Are for Signs and Wonders

Signs and wonders.  They certainly have been a subject of controversy over recent years.  On the one hand there are those who vehemently reject the notion that signs and wonders have any place in today’s church.  They seem to believe God doesn’t reveal Himself with signs and wonders today because we are so much more … Continue reading We Are for Signs and Wonders

Featured Poem for September: The Promise

The Promise The breeze toyed playfully with His hair Tugging wistfully at His robe At the tread of His sandals The earth sighed with inexpressible hope Sunlight wrapped joyfully around His frame And danced with delight on His face Waves stumbled softly one over another In gleeful contest to caress His feet Wind and storm … Continue reading Featured Poem for September: The Promise

News from Bread for the Bride

Dear Friends, In the year 2000 the Lord  began 'downloading' worship songs to me, even though I had never previously in my life written a song and could play only a few basic chords on guitar (that part hasn't changed much!). There are now over 60 of these songs which are shared in our home church and beyond whenever possible. … Continue reading News from Bread for the Bride