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Dear Friends,

In the year 2000 the Lord  began ‘downloading’ worship songs to me, even though I had never previously in my life written a song and could play only a few basic chords on guitar (that part hasn’t changed much!). There are now over 60 of these songs which are shared in our home church and beyond whenever possible.  Then in the Year 2012 the Lord began ‘downloading’ prophetic poetry which I have regularly shared on the Bread for the Bride blog.

Why call these poems “prophetic” you might ask.  Good question.  I use the term “prophetic poetry” because I don’t deliberately sit down and decide to write a poem. ( If I do that I may be able to write something but it will reveal me, not reveal Christ.)    These poems, as with my worship songs, are birthed when the Spirit calls me aside and flows creatively through me at the time of His choosing.  It is a collaborative work, His creativity and my scribing, and that’s the only way I can come close to explaining the process.

It is on my heart now to focus more regularly on these poems and songs, so I have added a page to the Bread for the Bride blog specifically for featuring them.  Each month a new prophetic poem or song lyrics will be featured on the Bread for the Bride website.  I hope you will take up the invitation to become a regular visitor at the Bread for the Bride  “Featured Poetry” page

This month’s poem is “Trinity”, first shared in August 2012.  Here are the first few lines.  To read the entire poem go here.  Many thanks to you for your ongoing interest in Bread for the Bride!

Cheryl McGrath

Breath of the Spirit

Arms of the Father

Kiss of the Son



Welcomed without condition

Into this ageless community

Of perfect love

Wrapped tenderly, encompassed

Within its three-fold




Wholly accepted

In the Beloved

Lifted weightlessly


Into an undivided atmosphere

Of divine kinship………..

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