Song of Solomon

The Embrace of God

The Bride now emerging from the wilderness is learning one thing above all others:  what it means to lean on the Bridegroom.  To “lean on” means to shift our weight entirely to something else, wholly trusting that specific ‘something else’… Read More ›

Come Away!

Here on the east coast of Australia Spring has made a welcome arrival.  I understand that for most of the world it is now Autumn (or Fall), but we in the southern hemisphere are emerging from our long winter season… Read More ›

The Flame

Song of Solomon 8:6,7  There is a Flame That burns intense, Unquenched By many dark waters, Fuelled by divine passion, Ceaseless, vehement, unspent   There is a Flame That burns ardent, Kindled by Love Himself Before Light danced In Eden’s… Read More ›