Come Away!

Here on the east coast of Australia Spring has made a welcome arrival.  I understand that for most of the world it is now Autumn (or Fall), but we in the southern hemisphere are emerging from our long winter season into the renewal of life that Spring always brings.   

Spring for me has always been a magical time; I wait impatiently for it to arrive even counting down the last dying days of winter in anticipation.   My annual excitement over Spring’s arrival is possibly because I was born in this season.   More probably it’s because of the signs of newness and vitality that always accompany it, made all the more intense because Spring is so short-lived.   

In too short a time the Australian summer will be upon us;   days will be hot and sticky, cicadas will gather in the gum trees drumming out their evening song, the beaches will be crowded, and my two spaniels will take to the shadiest spot they can dig out underneath our back stairs.  Already the forecasters are assailing us with expectations of dangerous bush fires and unusually high temperatures. 

For now, though, while it lasts I am celebrating Spring, feasting my eyes on the cherry blossom in my garden and contemplating once again Spring’s prophetic promise of renewed life, a new earth and the unbroken, everlasting companionship of the Beloved.   

Call of the Dove  

(From Song of Solomon, Chapter Two) 

“Come, come away,

Come, come away”

It is the Voice of My Beloved

“Come away with Me, come away!


Rise up my fair one

Hear the call of the dove

Rise up my lovely one

Come away, my love, come away


The winter is over

And the rains are gone

The earth brings forth her flowers

And our time of singing has come!


The fig tree is green and fruitful

And the vine has tender grapes

They draw Me with their fragrance

Come away, my love, come away!


In the clefts of the rock,

In the shelter of the secret place

Sing to me your songs of love

Show Me your face”


My Beloved is mine

And I am His

He leads me to His banqueting hall

And He covers me with His love


So until the shadows all have flown

And until the day breaks

I will follow the call of the dove

“Come away, My love, come away!”

 ©Cheryl McGrath, Bread for the Bride, 2012

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