Mixing Sacred and Profane

It must have been quite a scene:  men running in all directions, frightened sheep bleating, wild-eyed oxen stampeding through the crowds, money scattered on the ground and tables upended.  In the middle of it all stood an angry Man wielding a self-made whip, at the same time yelling something about His Father’s house.  There was … Continue reading Mixing Sacred and Profane

The Beautiful Journey

Psalm 23 is surely among the best known, best loved of Bible passages. I would like to invite you now to take a fresh look at this well-loved psalm, possibly from a new perspective, for within it is hidden a prophetic picture of the Bride of Christ.  The Psalm reveals the Bride’s beautiful journey in … Continue reading The Beautiful Journey

Watch This Space

  “Foolishness” mumbled the soldier Casting lots for the rabbi’s garment “An utter waste of a good man’s life”      “Serves him right” spat the Pharisee Nodding to himself self righteously Stroking his beard with smug delight     “It cannot be!” uttered the disciple Tears streaming from bloodshot eyes “It wasn’t meant to … Continue reading Watch This Space

Bride-Atude Nine: The Faithful Witnesses

Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for my sake.     In China we are imprisoned and tortured; in Egypt we are denied justice; in Nigeria we are regularly gunned down or burned to death; in Myanmar we are used as slaves by the military; … Continue reading Bride-Atude Nine: The Faithful Witnesses

In the Company of Fools

Atheism is popular right now.  Being offended at Christianity, and in particular ‘born again’ Christians, is becoming topical among many authors, intellectuals, journalists and social commentators.  Around us a chorus of disbelieving mockery grows increasingly influential as the offended voices of atheists grow louder and angrier by the day.  The Western world is seemingly separating … Continue reading In the Company of Fools

Fellowship of Sufferings

(Tribute to the Persecuted Bride)   She bleeds you know, And weeps In darkened prison cells She sits out the allotted hours Of mens’ hatred She runs, Fearing the knock on the door The torching of the house The cries of the children     She hides, Homeless Through long lonely nights When doubt nibbles … Continue reading Fellowship of Sufferings

Prayer of the Broken Vessel

Oh God, I thought I knew brokenness. I thought that there was nothing left to surrender, nothing more between You and me. You have taken every avenue of security from me, bringing me gently but persistently to the place of the Cross time and time over. All my plans, all my hopes, all my basic … Continue reading Prayer of the Broken Vessel