How Long?

Photo Copyright  P. Muggeridge


To lay His head

Is what He said

As usual we misunderstood

Thinking only

As we do

Of warm soft bed

Four walls, a home 

But what do we know

Of the weariness

That besets

A Soul so pure?

The loneliness endured

By One

From outside time and space

Lifting longing eyes

To another place

He called His Father’s house? 

“How long will I be with you?”

Not long enough

As it turned out

How long, Beloved,

Till we see Your Face again?

For here we find


To lay our heads  

© Cheryl McGrath 2012

4 thoughts on “How Long?

  1. He has given us a glimpse of his face and that is enough to cause us to yearn for His embrace. He has plowed our hearts and sown a love only He can satisfy, and so we ache, until we behold the lover of our souls. There is no rest until our pillow is his breast. Thank you!!! Your words sparked in me the reality of “the groan”. Blessings to you today.


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