Burning Questions

There were two burning questions on Jesus’ mind concerning those who followed Him. The first was uttered on the Road to Caesarea Philippi: ‘Who do you say I am?’ The second came not long after, on a day when many… Read More ›

The Question

This is not the post I planned to share today.  Today many of us are grappling with deep sadness and questions no one can answer. This weekend we were brought once again to the shattering reality that humanity is in… Read More ›


Sometimes we need a reality check.   Sometimes we fall for our own propaganda.  Sometimes we just need to sit at the feet of Jesus long enough, still enough, to cease striving to live up to our own warped image of ourself.   Sometimes, no… Read More ›

Tuned In

You know, it makes me scratch my head every time I realize God, who created the mountains, the oceans, the heavens and all forms of life, chooses humanity for company. It makes me stop and wonder when I remember that… Read More ›

Son of Man

  Son of man You called Yourself! Though Son of God You are Son of Adam You became Outrageously claiming our identity Laying no blame Embracing our sordid history Shocking in Your refusal To stand separate from our misery   You,… Read More ›


Shepherds, angels, starry night The sounds of birth An infant’s cry Swaddled now In the arms of earth   Stable, manger, oxen stare Wood and straw No room elsewhere Smell of cattle Earthen floor   Lowly men and lowly beasts… Read More ›