“It’s like breathing under water

This living in the Spirit,

Unnatural to human souls”, He said

And with the hint of a smile,

“Out of your control you see….

But I can show you how”

I sensed the twinkle in His eye,

As He gave the invitation,

Disarming, warm,

Both at once,

Anticipating my reservations

Before they took form

Still I couldn’t hide

My discomfort at the thought:


Breathe under water?

The sea and I had long agreed

To go our separate ways

“I’m not very good in water,

Never have liked it on my face…”

I  offered hopefully,

“I know”

Said He of the twinkling eyes,

Leaving no place for me to go

He smiled again, waiting,

Patiently amused

Knowing me too well,

Allowing me my needed time,

Fully aware that I would not,

Could not, refuse

“Trust Me”

“Ah!”  I sighed,

“There’s the hook!”

As seaspray stung my face,

But what’s there to lose

In breathing under water?

And I swallowed the bait

“Are you ready?  Follow Me!

One ,  two, three,


Copyright Cheryl McGrath 2012

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