The Cloak

Beloved gave to me a locket

Crafted from pure gold

Within it holds such secrets

To make a weak one bold

He said “It’s name is Truth”

He chose it just for me

It opens into freedom

He alone can turn its key


Beloved gave to me a diamond

Set in a golden ring

Its beauty has the power

To make a poor man sing

He said “It’s name is Joy”

And it will give me strength

If ever I should lose it

He will bring it back again


Beloved showed to me a cloak

He said it is His own

He took it from His shoulders

His Eyes, they shone with hope

He said “It’s called Humility”

Then sighed a sigh so deep

With sadness then He asked:

 “Will you share My cloak with Me?”


His cloak was course and common

Plain brown like camel hair

I thought it was the grandest thing

That I could ever wear

I cherish well my diamond ring

And the locket on my neck

But of all the gifts Beloved brings

I love His cloak the best


Copyright Cheryl McGrath 2012 

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