Creation is groaning

Laden with weariness

Like a prisoner confined to shadows

Aching with indefinable loss

Haunted by elusive memories

Of a distant day of brightness

When nothing hungered

And Adam’s touch

Was free of fear


Creation is listening

Straining to hear again

The laughter of innocence

Echoing like a melodic song

Summoning every creature

Into its irresistible chorus

Of unfettered worship

Man and creature bowing together

Before Creator’s throne


Creation is praying

For futility to cease

For an end of fear in the night

For hope restored

For all to be as it once was

When God and man

Spoke as one

And the air was fragrant

With their mutual delight


Creation holds its breath

In pregnant yearning

Labouring with every new dawn

For one more day

Not to succumb

To hopelessness

Creation remembers

And remembering, trembles,

For deliverance

Cheryl McGrath, Bread for the Bride, 2012 

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