Resurrection’s Child


It is one thing to believe that Christ has risen.  It is another thing to believe that we have risen.  It is one thing to believe He has defeated death.  It is another thing to believe that in Him we also have defeated death.  I am not referring here to going to Heaven when this life is over.  If death is defeated then it is defeated now.  If resurrection life is available, it is available now.  If God’s Word is truth it is ALL truth  and can be apprehended and applied now, tomorrow and forever, regardless of the laws of nature.  The Cross reversed the rules.  The Resurrection changed everything.  May God grant us faith to believe what we think we know.  And may we embrace the revelation that we are now truly the sons of the resurrection (Luke 20:36) .

  Resurrection’s Child

Resurrection’s child I am

Not born of Adam or human flesh

Not crafted by the will of man

But born of God’s eternal life

Delivered from the jaws of death

By He Who raised the living Christ


Resurrection’s child I am

A new creation to this earth

Quickened now by Heaven’s Breath

A mystery conceived and planned

Before the world knew time or space

Or men did ever speak of death


Resurrection’s child I am

A miracle of love and grace

And none though fuelled by deepest hate

Can quench the Breath that now is mine

Destroy the peace of Love’s embrace

Or wrench from me this Tree of Life


Resurrection’s child I am

Oh grave where is your victory

Death where is your sting?

For silenced though my voice may be

And though my body’s torn and killed

Yet I will live on still


Resurrection’s child I am

And Resurrection’s Sons are we

For should they come to take my life

Then in my place ten more will rise

As witness to the timeless truth

“I AM the Resurrection and the Life”


Copyright Cheryl McGrath, Bread for the Bride, 2013


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