Words of Grace and Truth

Destination Christ

The Bride’s journey is not a journey TO somewhere.  It’s a journey INTO Someone.  Her goal is communion with the Father, by means of the Spirit,  through oneness with Christ the Bridegroom.  Her destination is nothing less than Christ’s fullness… Read More ›

The Embrace of God

The Bride now emerging from the wilderness is learning one thing above all others:  what it means to lean on the Bridegroom.  To “lean on” means to shift our weight entirely to something else, wholly trusting that specific ‘something else’… Read More ›

Moving House

Ladies, gentlemen, young people, please fasten your seat belts as we make our final ascent to our destination. As you disembark please take a few moments for your eyesight to adjust to the brightness, which is due to the total… Read More ›

The Source

We are not the source of this love we carry for Christ.  He is.  The only love we humans carry is corrupted love.  We offer our love to our loved ones with every intention of giving the best we can… Read More ›