Holy Spirit

How To Be a Kept Woman

It’s easy to be offended by the title isn’t it?  Well, that’s understandable.  The usual interpretation of ‘kept woman’ is a woman of questionable morals, right?  A married man’s dependent mistress, or someone who trades sexual favours for financial support?  … Read More ›

Watch This Space

  “Foolishness” mumbled the soldier Casting lots for the rabbi’s garment “An utter waste of a good man’s life”      “Serves him right” spat the Pharisee Nodding to himself self righteously Stroking his beard with smug delight    … Read More ›


Breath of the Spirit Arms of the Father Kiss of the Son   Enfolded: Welcomed without condition Into this ageless community Of perfect love Wrapped tenderly, encompassed Within its three-fold Embrace   Enfolded: Wholly accepted In the Beloved Lifted weightlessly… Read More ›

The Bride-Atudes

She is black, white, brown, caramel, albino and every shade in between.  She speaks Swahili, Tamil, English, Italian, Hebrew, Pidgin, Mandarin and a countless number of other languages, past and present.  Her eyes are brown, green, blue, black, hazel and… Read More ›