Breath of the Spirit

Arms of the Father

Kiss of the Son



Welcomed without condition

Into this ageless community

Of perfect love

Wrapped tenderly, encompassed

Within its three-fold




Wholly accepted

In the Beloved

Lifted weightlessly


Into an undivided atmosphere

Of divine kinship


Caress of the Spirit

Devotion of the Father

Joy of the Son



Warm sweet fragrant oil

Pouring freely

On your face

Never lacking

Among this unbroken circle

Of deepest belonging



Like coming in

From the storm

To the home

You never knew you had

Fire lit, wine flowing, bread baking

Amazed to find

Everyone expectantly awaiting

Your company


Brooding of the Spirit

Heartbeat of the Father

Fellowship of the Son



Water for your feet

A place at the table

A pillow for your head

The strangeness

Of realising

You never have to leave



Not guest, but family

The ring on your finger

The crown on your brow

The garment for your shoulders

The feast prepared

Rest from the journey




Into Love unlimited

So infinitely greater

Than your smallness

Yet delighting to find it

A perfect fit



Now and forever

Everlasting to everlasting

Inside this


Mysterious Oneness

Of Three in One


©Cheryl McGrath, Bread for the Bride, 2012 

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