Luke 8:26-39 

Among the tombs I made my home

And wild and naked did I roam

As day turned night and back again

No difference did I know


They chained me but I broke their chains

They shackled me and ran away

But he that lived inside of me

Could never be contained


The chains cut deep and bruised my flesh

I cut myself with stones and bled

And none could come to ease my pain

As Legion laughed inside my head


My days were lost in living hell

The things I saw no man should tell,

And in my torment I’d cry out

But all would fear to bring me help


Then came a day like none before

With raging wind and sea that roared

And as the tempest died away

A fishing boat sailed into shore


And from the boat I saw Him step

And on my face His eyes did set

A distant scream rose in my throat

And terror’s fingers gripped my chest


Then running, falling at his feet,

I begged “What will you do with me? “

“What is your name?” I heard Him ask

And Legion’s voice rose trembling, weak:


“Legion”, my jailer’s swift reply,

“Do not torment me before my time!”

Then fading to a helpless wail:

“You are the Son of God Most High!”


What happened then I cannot say

I don’t remember to this day

I only know the Stranger spoke

And I and Legion parted ways


I’m told he went into the swine

That fled and plunged into the brine,

But little care I of his fate

The Stranger gave me back my mind


They placed a robe to cover me

As I sat at the Stranger’s feet

They tended to my awful wounds

And offered me some food to eat


But I could not remove my gaze

Nor could I be drawn away

From the Stranger’s tender eyes

Or the peace upon His Face


For the first time in so long a time

I heard a voice I knew was mine

I begged Him “Let me stay with You,”

But sadly He looked in my eyes,


“My friend, the road I now must take

Will lead Me to a Roman stake,

And those who travel by my side

Will scatter from me, far and wide”


Then drawing me close to His breast,

“You have suffered long,” He said

“And I would spare you any more”

Then placed a kiss upon my head


“But I have a task to trust you with,

For all the days that you will live

Everywhere that you may go

Tell them truly what God did”


Then tearfully He held me close

A sob rose in my throat and choked

We locked our eyes and then I knew,

That I must stay, and He must go


I left Him then to go my way

And looking back I saw Him wave

He smiled a smile to warm my soul

That said “We’ll meet again some day”


And now my life is set apart

To journey always, near and far,

To tell about the Son of God

Who saved my mind but stole my heart


I am the Gadarene you see

And for this world He ruined me

That day He sailed across the sea

To set this wretched captive free  

 © Cheryl McGrath 2012

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