THE LAMB Part Three

  If we are Christ-followers, we live our earthly lives contending with a world system that violently opposes the authority of the King and Kingdom we serve (Jn. 15:19). In this world, authority is synonymous with ‘’greatness’’. Nations demonstrate their greatness through displays of military and economic might. Leaders boast openly about their nation’s greatness … Continue reading THE LAMB Part Three

A Kingdom Bursting Forth and an Incomplete Gospel

Their jaws set purposefully, the two men pushed roughly through the crowd. Their teacher was imprisoned, in peril of his life, and they had been sent on an urgent mission.  They had a message to deliver and an answer to obtain, and they would not be delayed.  “Are You the One we’ve been expecting, or … Continue reading A Kingdom Bursting Forth and an Incomplete Gospel

An Interview With The Prince Of Peace

Interviewer: Good evening everyone. Well, as advertised, we are here tonight for an exclusive interview with the, er, so-called Prince of Peace.  Welcome Prince. Many who have been eagerly anticipating this program wish to hear whether you have any relevant input into current affairs, so let’s get straight into the nitty gritty if you don’t … Continue reading An Interview With The Prince Of Peace

What’s Mine is Yours

Two friends did everything together. The greatest happiness for each of them was to be in the other’s company. Day and night, whatever they were doing, they sought to be doing it in the companionship of the other one. Hours were spent talking, laughing, confiding, sharing, trusting one another. For each of them this rare … Continue reading What’s Mine is Yours

The Return Of Innocence

There was a time when humanity was innocent. Not simply good and well behaved. Innocent. Neither Adam nor Eve had any conscious sense of ‘goodness’ before they ate from the tree. They had no need for such knowledge, for all that God created, including them, was ‘good’ (Gen. 1:31). They had no conscience, no sense … Continue reading The Return Of Innocence

The Prodigal Father

"Prodigal": Spending money or resources freely and recklessly, wastefully extravagant, having or giving something on a lavish scale   Oxford Dictionary To Simon, brother of my father, greetings and peace to you and your household. I will waste no time, uncle, in presenting to you the reason for my letter. I find myself in need of assistance … Continue reading The Prodigal Father

From The Archives: In The Company of Fools

Atheism is popular right now.  Being offended at Christianity, and in particular ‘born again’ Christians, is becoming topical among many authors, intellectuals, journalists and social commentators.  Around us a chorus of disbelieving mockery grows increasingly influential as the offended voices of atheists grow louder and angrier by the day.  The Western world is seemingly separating … Continue reading From The Archives: In The Company of Fools

The Zealousness of God

The zealousness of God has had a bad rap over recent years.  Apparently it’s no longer cool for God to be portrayed as either enthusiastic or strong-willed.  The modern preference is for a tame, accommodating sort of God who just wants to get along with everyone and knows His place, which is clearly not meddling … Continue reading The Zealousness of God

The Courts of the King

And Enoch walked with God, and he was not for God took him.’  For much of my Christian life, I have found that simple Old Testament statement profoundly intriguing.  What did it mean that Enoch walked with God to the extent that God found it irresistible to remove him from this earthly life into His … Continue reading The Courts of the King

How To Be a Kept Woman

It’s easy to be offended by the title isn’t it?  Well, that’s understandable.  The usual interpretation of ‘kept woman’ is a woman of questionable morals, right?  A married man’s dependent mistress, or someone who trades sexual favours for financial support?   Well, that’s the world’s version of a ‘kept woman’, but who says we have to … Continue reading How To Be a Kept Woman

Challenging Behaviours

As the mother of a son with Asperger’s Syndrome I’ve had years of opportunity to observe challenging behaviours.  Our youngest son, ‘P’ (now 27) has been a constant source of baffling behaviours threatening our family’s accepted ‘norms’ for the last 27 years.  The moment comes to mind when he suddenly jumped up and placed an … Continue reading Challenging Behaviours

Not for the Fainthearted

“What do you seek?”  It was a loaded question and one that would dramatically change their lives….forever.  Unnerved at the abruptness of the question and the penetrating stare of the Teacher, the two men did not at first know how to respond.  One of them blurted out brashly “Teacher, where do you dwell?”  “Come and … Continue reading Not for the Fainthearted