Tuned In

galilee storm

Christ on the Storm of the Sea of Galilee by Ludolf Bakhuzen

You know, it makes me scratch my head every time I realize God, who created the mountains, the oceans, the heavens and all forms of life, chooses humanity for company. It makes me stop and wonder when I remember that He who gave lions their majesty and dolphins their swiftness,  fashioned towering redwood trees and intricate insect wings, created humankind just to be close to.

God is infinitely tuned into me, to us.  It’s the cry of the human heart that reaches Him above all the clamor of creation.  It’s the prayer of His child He listens for more than anything else.  It’s  human tears He has promised to one day wipe away.  It’s His human Bride for whom He is preparing a place, and her adoration that delights Him beyond what I can even begin to understand.

This God, who is so tuned into me, to us, makes me fall silent with wonder.  He makes me draw my breath and gasp with the realisation of being so undeservedly cherished.  He makes me blush with school girlish delight that He so determinedly pursues me.  He makes me yearn to sit quietly at His feet silently trying to fathom the depths of such unexpected Love. 

This God who is so tuned into me more and more so makes me want to be tuned into Him back…..seriously.


Asleep?  You say He’s sleeping? 

But how? 

With this wind tearing at our faces

And waves as high as mountains

Pounding the ship’s bow?

I’ve lived half my life upon this sea

And sailed through many a squall

But a storm like this I’ve never seen

This sea would kill us all!


Master, do you not care for us?

Our little boat cannot withstand these seas

I’ve never fought a storm so wild!

This eerie darkness fills us all with dread

This howling wind chills us to the bone

The sea will surely take us under

Unless you rouse and save us

I know we’ll soon be dead!


You think I sleep?  No, I only rest

Wearied by the needs of man

I lay my head down softly

Upon My Father’s breast

I fear no towering ocean

Or raging driven storm

I am the Word that was with God

Before wind or sea took form


It’s not this storm you need to fear

Nor the waves that roar and rage

It’s the tempest deep within you

Makes you cry out to be saved

I am not moved by nature’s worst

Or stirred by fears of death

But desperate cries of desperate men

Have power to pierce my rest!


Where is your faith in Me?

Have you not yet understood

That everything has changed?

I walk upon these waters

And the wind bows to My Name

You see the waves grow calm again

You see the skies grow clear

If My creation trusts in Me

How is it that you fear?


Do you not believe I am

Who I say I am?

I came to lay Me down and dying set you free

And rising I will bring you rest

Do you still not understand?

This peace you see before you now

It’s Mine, surpassing knowledge

It’s yours as well if you’ll believe

And leaving all, just follow!

From Mark 4:36-41


© Cheryl McGrath, Bread for the Bride, 2014   Copyright Notice: Permission is granted to freely reproduce any Bread for the Bride articles in emails or internet blogs, unaltered, and providing this copyright notice is included.     To permanently display an article on any static website please contact me for permission.

11 thoughts on “Tuned In

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  2. He’s not only “tuned into us”, but….wonder of wonders…He is WITHIN us! We are one with Him! He has chosen earthly vessels to make His abode. We are His outward expression and manifestation. We, humans, are God made visible. Christ IN US…the hope of glory! Wow!


  3. As I ponder your post and fully agree and appreciate what you have to say, one word seems to best express my heart, intimacy. The Great God of all creation, who has hung the moon, and stars, and calls them by name, not only Loves me/us, He Lives within me/us. He knows me/us better than we know ourselves, and He gets us, delights in us, and only desires for us to get it.

    The image of the storm at sea is powerful, and as this storm raged, Jesus was resting in His Father, listening to His Father, and waiting upon His Father.

    There is a message here for us, to go and do likewise, rest…rest ‘in’ Him regardless of the condition of the ‘sea’.

    Thank you once again for your ministry of Love.


    • Bless you Jim for your words of encouragement and affirmation that there are others like yourself on this great journey into intimacy with the One who created us, yearns for us, and understands us so much better than we understand ourselves.


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