The Promise

The breeze toyed playfully with His hair Tugging wistfully at His robe At the tread of His sandals The earth sighed with inexpressible hope Sunlight wrapped joyfully around His frame And danced with delight on His face Waves stumbled softly… Read More ›


Creation is groaning Laden with weariness Like a prisoner confined to shadows Aching with indefinable loss Haunted by elusive memories Of a distant day of brightness When nothing hungered And Adam’s touch Was free of fear   Creation is listening… Read More ›

Watch This Space

  “Foolishness” mumbled the soldier Casting lots for the rabbi’s garment “An utter waste of a good man’s life”      “Serves him right” spat the Pharisee Nodding to himself self righteously Stroking his beard with smug delight    … Read More ›


Breath of the Spirit Arms of the Father Kiss of the Son   Enfolded: Welcomed without condition Into this ageless community Of perfect love Wrapped tenderly, encompassed Within its three-fold Embrace   Enfolded: Wholly accepted In the Beloved Lifted weightlessly… Read More ›

Lethal Stones

And they stoned Stephen as he was calling on God and saying “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.”   Then he knelt down and cried out with a loud voice “Lord, do not charge them with this sin.” And when he had… Read More ›

The Cloak

Beloved gave to me a locket Crafted from pure gold Within it holds such secrets To make a weak one bold He said “It’s name is Truth” He chose it just for me It opens into freedom He alone can… Read More ›

The Flame

Song of Solomon 8:6,7  There is a Flame That burns intense, Unquenched By many dark waters, Fuelled by divine passion, Ceaseless, vehement, unspent   There is a Flame That burns ardent, Kindled by Love Himself Before Light danced In Eden’s… Read More ›


Luke 8:26-39  Among the tombs I made my home And wild and naked did I roam As day turned night and back again No difference did I know   They chained me but I broke their chains They shackled me… Read More ›


“It’s like breathing under water This living in the Spirit, Unnatural to human souls”, He said And with the hint of a smile, “Out of your control you see…. But I can show you how” I sensed the twinkle in… Read More ›


Courage has a face Like a girl, Moving swiftly across a crowded room To sit at the Master’s feet, Eyes downcast so as not to meet The glare of male eyes Disapproving, cutting at her soul, Or the voice of… Read More ›

How Long?

Photo Copyright  P. Muggeridge Nowhere To lay His head Is what He said As usual we misunderstood Thinking only As we do Of warm soft bed Four walls, a home  But what do we know Of the weariness That besets… Read More ›